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Lazy Oaf Review

Lazy Oaf is an independent wear shop that sells bold streetwear designs for both men and women. The make has carved out quite the presence for itself thanks to collaborations with big names like DC, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks, which accept produced IP-branded clothing collections of everything from Garfield to Batman.

The brand has been featured in mainstream publications like
The Guardian
Hurry, and
Allure. The brand is popping off on social media as well, with a solid
followers on Instagram,
on Facebook, and some other
on Twitter.

This Lazy Oaf review gives you a warts-and-all overview of the company and its bestselling products, aircraft and return policies, customer reviews, and more to help y’all decide if this is the mode you want to be rocking.

Overview of Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf Review

Founded in 2001 by London-based designer and artist Gemma Shiel, Lazy Oaf channels ’90s-era nostalgia to create brashly contemporary streetwear for both men and women. The brand’s cheeky attitude infuses every piece in its product line, from Lazy Oaf shirts to dresses, sweaters, and fifty-fifty Lazy Oaf swimwear.

Despite its irreverent humor, Lazy Oaf does accept some things very seriously. The make creates its wear with diversity and inclusivity always front of mind, and makes sure that its manufacturing methods are both sustainable and ethical. On the brand website, Lazy Oaf lays out a signal-by-point statement of its principles and practices in these areas.

We’ll scope out some of the prime number pieces from the make’s collection further down, merely up top, this Lazy Oaf clothing review will lay out some of the first-impression pros and cons we could suss out about the brand.


  • Broad diversity of habiliment in a range of creative, centre-communicable designs
  • Make is committed to ethics and sustainability in its manufacturing, as well as to cruelty-complimentary product and community initiatives effectually issues similar mental health
  • Student discount
  • Installment payment plan available via Klarna
  • Positive customer reviews nearly wear designs and quality
  • International shipping


  • Customers are responsible for return aircraft costs
  • Company is based in the UK, and so shipping to Usa can take a while
  • Complimentary shipping but bachelor on orders of
    and above
  • More expensive than most brands
  • Not very size-inclusive
  • Negative reviews about customer service
Lazy Oaf Review

Now that that’s out of the style, let’south get down to what you lot really came here for: the apparel themselves, natch! Strap yourself in as this Lazy Oaf review dives into the brand’south bestselling dresses, cardigans, and shoes.

Lazy Oaf Dresses Review

Lazy Oaf dresses, anyone? Bank check out the two bestsellers below:

Lazy Oaf Happy Pitiful Puff Sleeve Dress Review

Turn that pout upside down—or not? The
Happy Sad Puff Sleeve Dress
is a 100% cotton push button-downward fit that sports a V-neck, puffed-out brusque sleeves, and hits just above the articulatio genus. With the white smiley/frowny faces on the sheer blackness background, this dress can run toward either cuteness or art-school goth-iness, depending on how you accessorize it.

Happy Sorry Puff Sleeve Dress
runs from sizes 6 to 16, except right now information technology isn’t running at all—every unmarried size is currently sold out. When it pops up again, y’all can grab information technology for

Lazy Oaf Supersized Oaf Sweater Dress Review

Thumb your olfactory organ at Ariana Grande and her signature long-sweatshirt dresses with the
Supersized Oaf Sweater Clothes. Pretty in pink and with a derisive “oaf” monogram right in the centre, this blows upwardly Riri’s style statement to amusingly oversized proportions.

Supersized Oaf Sweater Clothes
is one size fits all, is made from 100% cotton, and tin can be 100% yours for only
if you human action now, as it’s
marked down
from its regular price of

Lazy Oaf Cardigans Review

Lazy Oaf sells a whole bunch of sweaters and cardigans in vibrant colors and with divinely soft fabrics, all of them with that signature Oaf-y style. Our Lazy Oaf review has pulled out a couple of these winners for your contentment beneath.

Lazy Oaf Flower Bed Knit Sweater Review

The Lazy Oaf
Flower Bed Knit Sweater
is an oversized jumper with wide sleeves. The mock neck fits only right, and the colorful, smiley/frowny flower prints are the last word in “no seriously, I’m wearing this.”

Fabricated from 60% cotton and twoscore% acrylic, this Lazy Oaf sweater is manus-wash just. Information technology’s available in sizes Due south to XL, and toll-wise, y’all’re looking at
less in your depository financial institution account.

Lazy Oaf On the Slopes Cardigan Review

Here’s some other crawly Lazy Oaf item that turns kitsch into kool. The
On the Slopes Cardigan
displays a knitted mount mural with a pinkish cabin serenely dwelling in the lower left back. Habiliment this out to that trendy brunch spot and picket the appreciative appraisals from the insufferable hipsters at the other tables.

This Lazy Oaf cardigan is made from 100% organic cotton, so information technology’s extra-snug as well as fashionable (in its fashion). Virtually days this would sell for
simply right now you can accept advantage of a
markdown and grab it for only

Lazy Oaf Shoes Review

The hits keep coming with the Lazy Oaf shoes beneath. What are customers loving from the brand’due south footwear collection?

Dr. Martens ten Lazy Oaf Review

Lazy Oaf Doc Martens
collab is nothing short of ballsy. Combining classic Doc Martens fashion with Lazy Oaf’s own-it apply of pinkish heart motifs and heart-shaped buckles, these scream early on-2000s Avril LAvigne in the best way possible.

In that location are three different styles in this Dr. Martens ten Lazy Oaf collection, each at a dissimilar price point. We’ve broken them down for you below—you’re welcome!

  1. Buckle Creeper$170
  2. Buckle Boot$190
  3. Vegan Sandal$110

Vans x Lazy Oaf Quondam Skool Platform Review

Vans ten Lazy Oaf Old Skool Platform
shoes are made of suede with rubber waffle outsoles. The padded collars help y’all stay comfy and buoyant as you strut around the town.

The Lazy Oaf Vans come up in black with a pink interior and pinkish stripes on the sides. The laces have a black-and-white checkerboard pattern for an extra bear upon of boldness. For
, this ain’t a bad deal.

Is Lazy Oaf Ethical?

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

For the most function, yeah, Lazy Oaf is an upstanding brand. The company has strict mill policies to protect workers, doesn’t utilize real beast fur, packages orders with recyclable materials, and uses sustainable fabrics for many products.

Still, opinions differ: Good on You, a site that assesses brand ethics, says Lazy Oaf is Not Good Enough on its ideals rating system. Check out the “Ethics and Sustainability” page on the Lazy Oaf site to read upwards on the brand’s supply chain and go a more in-depth understanding of how the company is living upwardly to its commitments.

Who Is Lazy Oaf For?

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

Lazy Oaf is for men, women, and everyone in between. It’s deliberately cheesy designs make for everyday streetwear statement pieces that will express your quirky sense of style and ironic sense of humor.

This Lazy Oaf review will notation, though, that these products are pricier than comparable items from other clothing brands, then brand certain information technology’s inside your budget, babe. Also, if you lot’re plus-sized this brand is probably not for yous, as they superlative out at XXXL.

That said, information technology’s possible the make will exist expanding its size range, as enough of customers or would-be customers are requesting it all over the brand’s social media.

Comparing: Lazy Oaf vs. The Ragged Priest

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

As unique as it is, Lazy Oaf yet has some competitors in the kitschy-cool field, such as The Ragged Priest. Nosotros’ve done a brief rundown of these ii brands’ similarities and differences in handy bullet-indicate form beneath.

First off, both Lazy Oaf and The Ragged Priest:

  • are UK-based clothing brands that offer alternative streetwear styles
  • are ethical brands
  • sell items for both men and women

But compared to Lazy Oaf, The Ragged Priest:

  • is usually less expensive
  • is less size-inclusive
  • doesn’t have big-proper name brand collabs like Lazy Oaf’s with Vans, Doctor Martens, etc.

This Lazy Oaf review would also venture that, while The Ragged Priest does favor tons of vivid colors in its vesture, it doesn’t have the same irreverent humor as Lazy Oaf displays in its products.

Lazy Oaf Reviews: What Practice Customers Think?

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

To make this a truly thorough Lazy Oaf review, we’ve gotta hear from the customers. Unfortunately, the brand site doesn’t mail service reviews of its products, so we turned to Instagram, Trustpilot, and skilful ol’ Facebook.

Firstly, on the brand’s Instagram, fans are indeed fans. Commenters are conspicuously loyal to the brand, as they request and are excited for restocks, call it their “favorite brand ever,” and declare that the designs are “such a vibe.”

The vast majority of comments say things like “I accept never clicked faster” to buy these bold, culling styles, which but so happen to fit oh-so-well in an Insta pic. Hither’s one such super-excited fan raving about a top and bottom set:

Bought this set and I’grand absolutely obsessed
tin’t accept them off! The cut of the jeans is perfect and the colours just popular! Information technology’s keeping a smile on my face up while alone in lockdown in Sydney

Aww. Ain’t that sweet.

The positive reviews gleamed and glistened. Here is one Lazy Oaf vesture review that even
the brand’s customer service:

1 of the pairs of socks that I ordered adult a hole after simply wearing them once. I emailed customer support who responded quickly and swiftly arranged a replacement. No fuss and all super friendly and professional. Always gives me the confidence to back up a brand that has lovely products and equally nifty service to back it upwardly

Other positive reviews said that the products were “height notch” quality, the website ordering procedure is “clear” and easy, delivery went “really rapidly” and customers “got updates all the way through” until the doorstep delivery moment.

A few too complimented the brand’s upstanding practices, noting that “packaging and tags are also recyclable” and the visitor is “more transparent about their supply chain” (than other comparable brands, nosotros assume).

There were other Oafs who were happy with their purchasing feel. “Best experience I’ve had in a while!!” says one.
Staff are kind, the clothes are of an amazing quality and fit me perfectly.”

So, overall? Satisfied customers rave nigh the product quality, cool and original designs, quick delivery, and ethical practices.

Is Lazy Oaf Worth Information technology?

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

After much consideration, our Lazy Oaf article of clothing review has formulated its reply to the question above in the course of—“Definitely?”

Many customers loved the whole shebang—the purchase, delivery, and client service. Which is why we give a thumbs up. The product quality seems to be pretty reliable, and the designs are sick, honestly. So if you’re eyeing one of those Lazy Oaf backpacks, go for it!

Our only communication? If you’re ordering from the US, be aware that aircraft may be delayed—so if you demand your items, similar, yesterday, this isn’t the best option for you.

Lazy Oaf Promotions & Discounts

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

Since this brand is on the pricey terminate, this Lazy Oaf review hunted for deals for you lot. Hither’due south what we turned up:

  • ten%
    off when you sign up for the newsletter
  • 10%
    off pupil discount
  • 20%
    off for National Health Service medical staff

BTW, follow the brand on social media for giveaways and news about the latest deals, and then thank us later.

Where to Buy Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

Yous can purchase Lazy Oaf from the make
website, or from retailers including:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • ASOS
  • Dolls Kill (shop the ambrosial Lazy Oaf Hullo Kitty line here!)
  • Vans
  • Dr. Martens

Some of the collaborations are sold on the partner brand’s site as well, just others, like the Lazy Oaf Disney drove, seem to only be available on the brand site.


Lazy Oaf Clothing Review

Where is Lazy Oaf made?

Our Lazy Oaf review plant that the products are fabricated in: USA, U.k., Communist china, Portugal, and Turkey. The brand is pretty transparent about its supply chain, if you want to read up nearly it on the Lazy Oaf website.

How does Lazy Oaf fit?

Lazy Oaf isn’t known for beingness the most inclusive of sizes. Hither’s how it breaks down:

Lazy Oaf womens clothing:

  • Tops: XS–XXXL
  • Dresses/Skirts/Trousers: 6–24
  • Jeans: 24–42
  • Other bottoms: XS—XXXL or 2–20

Lazy Oaf mens vesture:

  • Tops: XS–XXXL
  • Bottoms: 24–42

Lazy Oaf unisex clothing:

  • Tops:
  • Bottoms:

Other items, similar shoes, may have varying size ranges due to the different brand collabs and styles.

What is Lazy Oaf’s Aircraft Policy?

Lazy Oaf ships internationally from London, England.  Hither are the shipping methods for the US and Canada:

  • Standard (8-12 business days)—$xi
  • Limited (3-five business days)—$22

You’ll receive tracking info for both delivery methods. Yous qualify for free aircraft if your order is over
$200—it’s presumably Standard shipping, merely the site doesn’t specify that.

What is Lazy Oaf’s Return Policy?

You tin can return items within 28 days of receiving them if the items are unused, in their original packaging, and with the labels, tags, and all that jazz notwithstanding intact. To commencement your return, head to the brand site. Note that you lot will have to cover the cost of render shipping, which will be deducted from your refund.

How to Contact Lazy Oaf

Our Lazy Oaf clothing review institute that yous can only contact the brand on its website, through either:

  • Contact form
  • Live chat

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