Cruel Palace War of Flowers Dramanice




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This is probably my favorite drama ever. The story and its step are unbelievably perfect. The interim is then well done that information technology got me cheering for many characters such as Rex Injo, the Crown Prince and Princess, the queen and Yam Jun…

Yam Jun is what I similar virtually near this drama, because she is in a very thin line between hero and villain since she’south the main character and she’south playing the part of a villain only I caught myself auspicious for her, wanting her to succed in her plans so badly.  She isn’t your regular kdrama hero… She’s the exact opposite of it. In any other drama she would be considered a villain, but if you’re similar me you will exist cheering for her for the about part.

The function played past Lee Duk Hwa was extraordinary. It was a beautiful affair when he was effectually children. Rex Injo has many cute relationships with other characters like Crown Prince Then Hyun and his other children and grandchildren. Likewise, in his world he had a very very beautiful relationship with Yam Jun, despite all her manipulation and schemings. I retrieve, for the most part, taking his perspective, it was a beautiful dearest.

There is a set of characters I beloved and then much in this drama and that is the Crown Prince and Crown Princess. They accept an amazing human relationship despite being very different from each other. They make a very skillful squad to go through hardships together in People’s republic of china. He becomes stronger with her and for him and her children she tin get through information technology all. She’s the strongest female I’ve e’er seen in a kdrama and so far. So Hyun is a gentle and thoughtful son to Rex Injo. He suffers so much in his life, trying to be the all-time son he can be to his begetter. The Crown Princess is the fearless female warrior e’er seaking to thrive and So Hyun is all heart. This couple seriously gave me the feels. I felt like they are, together with Injo, the only heros to cheer for.

The plot is all about scheming and ambition for the throne. Information technology is a very political drama. Don’t expect to run into honey and romance. Most characters would be considered ‘evil’ by near people I think… But I don’t think exactly like that though. I think virtually of the characters feel very convincing… Non exactly bad or good… They feel almost human being, I guess. It is indeed a very ‘vicious’ story for all characters so the plot is VERY dramatic (although I tin say I never cried in one case but laughed quite a few times because this drama can exist absurd sometimes and most of those times it is considering of Yam Jun’due south fashion of thinking and scheming. She’due south only as well much I guess lol). I’ve constitute the story unpredictable for the near function so I didn’t get bored once. The storytelling all the same feels very fresh in the kdramaland imo. It is definitely not something you can easily find in some other drama.

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