Viviano Marmo Gray and White Flower Marble Mosaic

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Ok permit’south talk nearly one of my favorite parts of the kitchen! THE BACKSPLASH! When we started the kitchen renovation I was planning on keeping our quondam backsplash. While it wasn’t my personal style information technology wasn’t terrible. Nonetheless, subsequently a nice give-and-take on Instagram with all of YOU, you lot convinced me it was time for a change and you were right. Changing the backsplash to this gorgeous marble mosaic tile from
Floor & Decor
was the absolute best decision during the kitchen renovation. The long days that turned into weeks were worth it because I absolutely honey how information technology turned out.

Today, I want to walk yous through my procedure of choosing the tile and installing it and the decisions nosotros made along the way. Tiling is one of my favorite DIY jobs, I admittedly love it and this was probably 1 the largest ones I’ve tackled to date. So let’s talk about Installing Marble Mosaic Tile and what I learned.

Marble Sentinel Backsplash

This Viviano Marmo Dolomite Premium Picket Polished Marble Mosaic completely makes this kitchen and gives it the classic modern look I was envisioning.

Kitchen Earlier

If you remember before, nosotros had a mirror subway tile backsplash that was here when we moved into the house. It was fun and a lot of bling just didn’t match my personal manner. I wanted something a little more minimalistic and organic feeling.

Picking Out Our Backsplash

Literally the day later on we decided to modify out our backsplash I headed straight to Floor & Decor. I am SO thankful we have one near past because they accept the largest choice of tile and flooring Ever. And not just a large pick but really cute, trendy styles.

I had a pretty practiced idea of what I wanted for the backsplash going into the selection process which made it easy to narrow down choices. I knew I wanted a white backsplash, something that blended with the greyness counters and marble island, and I did non want subway tile or pocket-sized mosaic pieces. Nothing against subway tile at all, I recall information technology is gorgeous and such a classic choice just I wanted to become a different route for in hither.

I came home with these three choices, the Marble Lookout Mosaic, the Oversized Picket Mosaic , and the 12X24 polish ceramic tile.

It didn’t take united states long to decide on the smaller Marble Lookout Mosaic and I actually love how it turned out!

Tile Behind Open up Shelves

I absolutely love the look of a tall dramatic backsplash. If our cabinets went all the manner to the ceiling I would have done a full wall, but since they are not ceiling pinnacle I kept the backsplash at three/four up the wall.

My original plan was to have the tile only upwards to the bottom of the upper shelf, merely it just didn’t await right. So instead, I took it up over the shelves to create a frame. The change set me back a whole twenty-four hour period in the renovation, only it was so worth it!

Using Pencil Tiles To Frame Backsplash

I used the matching Dolomite Marble Pencil Tiles to frame out the backsplash on all open areas of the kitchen. I recall it created such a make clean look and made everything expect more polished.

Which Grout To Apply On Marble Tile?

Picking out the grout color was actually a huge deal over hither! I went with this Maepei FlexColor Grout in Rain. This was my first time using this item pre-mixed grout and I absolutely loved information technology. It went on really smooth, comes with a keen sponge for cleaning and it covered a lot of square footage! I just used about 1 and 1/4 tubs for our whole kitchen!

Marble Kitchen Backsplash

We couldn’t exist happier with the tile. I am so glad we went the extra mile and put the work in to go far even more our style. Nosotros love information technology.

Huge thank you to Flooring & Decor for helping us with this project, what a huge departure information technology made from the earlier.


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