Indoor Plants That Flower All Year Long

You can grow all kind of plants. After flowering slice off the flower stalk a few inches above the bulb but keep the leaves.

The Adaptable And Colorful Houseplant That Can Bloom All Year Round Small Indoor Plants Plants Indoor Plants

Plus this houseplant is undeniably low-maintenance.

Indoor plants that flower all year long. Christmas cacti are not fussy and some. If youre looking for a durable plant that will also bring a pop of color to your space turn to the festive Christmas cactus. You can utilize a bigger space for your indoor garden.

13 Indoor Blooming Plants to Get You Through Winter 1 Christmas cactus. Most indoor gardeners use windowsills and tables for their indoor gardening areas. These pretty blooming indoor plants with.

Begonia Although begonias are considered as outdoor plants there are many plants from begonia genus that makes great. African Violet African. Popular as an outdoor bedding plant wax begonia also does well indoors where it will bloom all year if it has enough light.

17 Best Flowering Houseplants 1. Gerbera daisies are relatively simple to grow outdoors but growing gerbera daisies indoors can be tricky. These old-fashioned favorites are popular with good reason.

Roses bloom fragrant flowers and come in a wide variety of color tones. Chrysanthemums are common gift plants and can be found as such year around. Because you can control the growing environment you can cultivate most of your favorite outdoor plants indoors as well.

The flowers vary in color-white purple lavender wine pink or bicolored. The cuttings root quickly in water or moist potting soil. With adequate sunlight and acidic potting soil this brightly colored shrub will bloom all year long.

African violets are among the easiest and prettiest indoor plants to grow. Succulents air plants and orchids for example need watering only a few times per month. Luckily while many plants prefer to keep their flowers hidden away until spring there are some that arent put off by the cold.

At the top of my list is the ever popular African Violet. This is because they have been tricked into blooming by either hormones or manipulation of light exposure. This plant is typically propagated for sale before Thanksgiving but its pretty red and pink blooms hint at spring.

Flowers will start to appear around 6 weeks after and if you want to extend the life of the showy flowers all you need to do is snip off the stamens. Bromeliads Known for their colorful foliage and long-lasting flowers bromeliads can beautify your interior. Snake plants and ferns can live in very low-light environments and moss terrariums or jade will do just fine in a drafty room during the winter.

My Favorite Flowering Houseplants African Violet. The table should be on a tile or linoleum floor to catch any water. Stunning Plants for Year-Round Containers.

Gorgeous Flowers That Bloom Year Round. Bergenia Bergenia crassifolia Amazing Plants for Pots all Year Round with Bold Leaves. By far they are one of the best indoor flowering plants as they bloom throughout the year and require little maintenance.

These plants that will flower in winter are a great way to bring some life and colour into your home when icicles start to hang from the eaves. One of the easiest flowering plants Arabian Jasmine is the national flower of the Philippines. Also known as Transvaal daisies or gerber daisies gerbera daisies are attention-getters with showy long-lasting blooms short stems and impressive bright green foliage.

Some of our favorites include miniature rose bushes or even full-sized versions if you really prefer them begonias African violets Cape primrose purple shamrock oxalis and geraniums. A tarp under the table can be used as well. They are unusually treated as an annual bedding plant.

It grows like a small shrub or a vine reaching up to 05 to 3 m in height and produces pink to white sweetly fragrant flowers. With clusters of small flowers the Ixora adds a burst of color in any home. African violets do better in lower light than most blooming houseplants and will bloom year-round with a minimum of care.

Sun While some plants require direct sunlight others will die if they get too much sun. If there ever is a time when you need some colour in your life its those drab grey winter days. Most gardeners are familiar with begonias.

By definition perennials are plants that live more than two years. Amarylis bulbs will bloom year after year if you repot per the specifications of the plant. Like clockwork perennial flowers and plants pop up every blooming season with fresh buds refreshed colors and bold aromas.

These delicate-looking orchids are not as fragile as they appear. I love the way. Chrysanthemum houseplants require lower light to force blooms.

The Indian climate favors. Theyll bloom for months and can. Simply take cuttings of your plants in the garden for your indoor garden.

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