Trick Flow 240 Mopar Heads Review

New at Trick Flow Specialties. Specification needed to make 620 HP as pictured.

Parts Bin Trick Flow Powerport 240 Heads For Big Block Mopar Cylinder Head Mopar Cylinder

Once you see Trick Flow PowerPort 240 heads for big block Mopar in action youll agree they are the only aftermarket aluminum heads worth using on your engine.

Trick flow 240 mopar heads review. 3 13017 PowerPort 240 and 270 Aluminum Cylinder Heads for the Big Block Mopar Thank you for purchasing Trick Flow PowerPort aluminum cylinder heads designed for the Big Block Mopar. B block balanced 440 Source 512 Stroker Kit Trick Flow 270 Max Wedge heads Indy Max Wedge single plane intake Comp Cams 15 roller rockers Comp Cams 650. Due to the valve size Trick Flow recommends a minimum bore size of 4000-inch.

1051 compression 446 cid. Trick Flows exciting new USA MADE Big Block Mopar heads are now available. New at Trick Flow Specialties.

Trick Flows valley plate kit is just the ticket for racers and performance enthusiasts that need access to the lifter valley for valvetrain service or want to swap in a. Before and after port work flow gains are 23 on the intake side and 36 on the exhaust side. With Trick Flow PowerPort 240 cylinder heads TFS-61617802-C00 Trick Flow Track Max hydraulic roller camshaft TFS-61602003 15 ratio rocker arms Trick Flow Track Heat intake manifold TFS-61600113 Trick Flow Track Heat Pro 950 cfm carburetor TFS-20950R Hooker Super Competition headers with 1 78.

When matched side-by-side the DHC head will have a taller profile than its factory counterpart. The Trick Flow Kenny Duttweiler Signature Series 23-degree aluminum head is a bolt-on street performance piece designed for good low-speed torque and top-end power. Supporting Trick Flows new Mopar cylinder heads are a number of complementary products that include new Trick Flow cast-aluminum valve covers Trick Flow by Cometic exhaust gaskets and a new aluminum lifter valley plate kit.

TRICK FLOW HEADS Part Three 6 MOPAR ACTION 12. Trick Flow PowerPort 240 heads for big block Mopar are superior to stock and other aftermarket aluminum heads for several reasons. Thats important because it weighs a lot less than cast iron and is very strong.

Trick Flow Power Port 240 for Hydraulic Roller Cams. For starters theyre made from premium grade A356-T61 aluminum. Click Here to Review the CHP Terms Conditions.

These are only available fully CNC ported and feature a peak intake flow of 334 CFM which should easily make in the 600-700 horsepower range in a 500CI engine depending on the rest of your build. The first runs were made with the original Trick Flow 240 heads to verify where our baseline was. New at Trick Flow Specialties.

The best power we had seen with the previous short-block was 718 hp using the 240 heads with the. Of torque at 5000 rpm. Choose In-store pick-up OH NV GA TX on our web site.

Now big block Mopar fans can get the airflow they need with a set of Trick Flow PowerPort 240 aluminum cylinder heads. These plates do not fit well with stock Big Block Mopar heads or Trick Flow PowerPort 240 heads. Coast High Performances experience spans over 20 years in the research and development of custom engine combinationsWe specialize in the engineering and supply of quality high performance engine components stroker kits as well as Short Blocks Long Blocks and complete turn-key Crate Motors.

What makes PowerPort 240 heads so great. Dyno-tested on Trick Flows Superflow dyno a 1041 compression 446 cubic inch Mopar with PowerPort 240s made 620 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 570 lbs-ft. These heads come completely assembled with 202-160- inch valves and accept all stock-type rockers headers factory-type intake manifolds and.

PowerPort 240 heads are made from premium grade A356-T61 aluminum because it is very strong and weighs a lot less than cast iron. My Eddy heads out of the box flowed 200in156cfm 550 lift before porting This is how the Eddy heads now flow after stage III porting gasket matching 3 angle valve job decked. Valve Cover Mount Distributor Systems for Ford 46L54L 2V.

They have the port dimensions from their cylinder heads so it would be easy for them to match the intakes to the head. Trick Flow Specialties Heads. Right out of the box the Trick Flow intake has a decent port match but it isnt perfect.

PowerPort Top-End Engine Kit for Big Block Mopar 440. Trick Flow GenX LS Cylinder Heads Now Emissions-Legal in All 50 States. The heads come with 516-inch guide plates and 38-inch rocker arm studs.

In this story lets observe as engine master Steve Dulcich puts the new Trick Flow Power Port 240 heads to the test. PowerPort 240 Cylinder Heads for Big Block Mopar. The heads will work with 151 or 161 rocker arms.

Longer than stock pushrods are required. An extra bonus here is the inclusion of Trick Flows just-released Track Heat. Too bad Trick Flow doesnt run a simple CNC port match program on these intakes.

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