Why Do I Like Guys With Long Hair

Long hair is beautiful and sensual adds extra feminine flavour to a woman and looks sexy against a white pillow. Being a rock star or male model of course you can get away with this length but we mere mortals.

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Andy Naselli who asks this.

Why do i like guys with long hair. Whereas men generally love long hair on women women do not feel the same about long hair on men. At least the apostle Paul says so. The desire to have long hair isnt a choice but sometimes it is.

If you have long hair it becomes part of your identity its an eye-catcher that makes you stand out of the crowd. ME – I gained self confidence. Because nature says its unnatural.

But on the other hand the most popular woman on OkCupid has long hair. Long short braided blonde or brunette its all in how you work it according to Cosmo. Hair length and quality can act as a cue to a womans youth and health and as such signify reproductive potential One blog.

People started acknowledging my presence. Todays question comes from the one and only Dr. But how does Paul arrive at such a conclusion.

It is a long answer but please read. While all men vary in preferences the majority of men report preferring long hair on women. Long hair has been regarded as the ultimate beauty standard for centuries thus the term crowning glory History has shown that long hair has been seen as a symbol of feminine attractiveness in various cultures.

I love to run my fingers through my girlfriends hair Hairstyle preferences are often thought to be a result of cultural norms and expectations. It shows that you are a dedicated man who overcomes struggles and is also patient. Many artistic and creative men favor long hair as a way of breaking away from convention and the norm.

They look rather sad and dated to me — as if theyre desperately trying to. In fact many hair gurus claim the lightness will shed years from your life and even science backs this up when it comes to genetics. Conversely women rated men with full beards as most appealing for a long-term commitment andor as a father for their children.

I was given importance too. Well men should not wear long hair. It just brings up the image of a strong tough Viking of a man for me at least.

The brighter the hair the more youthful you appear and therefore more fertile. I of course would never change my hair just to make someone like me. The article posed the question of whether long hair is a bad career choice for older women It cited a recent post by Vivia Chen on the legal blog The Careerist which posited that women over 40 with long hair are unsettling — particularly if it is straight and hangs more than a few inches below the shoulder.

For some reason whenever I see a man with long blonde hair I get a little excited. I get different reactions from everyone. I think men like it because its more feminine explains one college student.

Bartlett explains that some men consider long hair to be a fashion statement ie men that want to join rock bands or be Fabio but for others it isnt a choice. I was very excited at first. Beauty experts state that hair is the main feature on a person that makes one look attractive which is why even women prefer to grow their hair long.

According to an experiment conducted by Hinsz Matz and Patience. Generous and sincere than men who do not have facial hair. When a guy is very confident in who is as a person and what he stands for in life wearing his hair long is a cool statement.

Its easy to have short hair but not everyone can have long hair. 43 percent of guys said they love watching a girl put up her hair while 37 percent said they like. And long thick hair looks great down.

Isnt nature the reason why men can grow long hair in the first place. On one hand I like the way I look with short hair. So long hair is also a status symbol especially when it comes to complex hairstyles that require someone else to help you do them which implies you have the wealth to do it.

Whether guys are seeking a mate to make babies with or not their genes are deciding that for them when they choose a blonde. Wild and free masculine and strong.

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