How To Maintain Men Long Hair

It also stimulates the scalp says Mr. To maintain a healthy shine to your long mane drink lots of water and eat a diet rich in vitamins A B C D E and K.

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While men tend to skip this step conditioner is a must for long hair to maintain softness and keep tangles at bay.

How to maintain men long hair. Get into a three- or four-day cycle where for instance you wash the hair on Monday then. Work the shampoo through your hair like you normally would but keep in mind that it should take longer reaching every strand. Constantly brushing and rubbing your hair as well as drying it roughly with a towel will weaken your hair over time and cause strands to break away and splinter.

Most barbers recommend that you only shampoo your hair two to three times a week. Apply it with your fingers and brush your mane backward. Natty who recommends a brush with natural bristles not plastic on dry or wet hair.

Men with long hair should avoid using harsh chemicals on theIR hair. Give it a zap of hairspray if you want to preserve it in its place. Also if youre going to pull your hair back use proper hair ties only.

With long hair Its super important that your hair brush helps smooth the hair shaft to minimize any breakage. Run it through your hair starting with the ends then run from scalp to ends with the residue. There are a variety of ways to help with this ranging from using oils conditioners and various natural remedies.

As such even though it probably is important that you maintain a daily showering routine just rinsing your hair with water is going to be more helpful than shampooing every time. Brushing your hair every day with a well-designed hairbrush can help evenly distribute the natural oils along the length of the hair shafts which helps to preserve moisture and makes your hair look healthy. To keep conditioner from flattening out volume make sure to apply it to the ends of hair only and steer clear of your roots.

Wrap a rubber band around your ponytail 2 or 3 times until it is secure. Also I never blow-dry my hair. Wash your mens long hair with shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis.

You can use just a touch for taming once your hair is dry if it is looking a little poofy. Keep your hair up in a ponytail to put it out of your way. Brush all tangles out of your hair then gather it all in your dominant hand.

To increase your intake of vitamins A C E and K consume more mangos kale spinach sweet potatoes avocados and apples. And yes we understand that it might seem counter-productive to get your hair cut when youre growing it out. If youre like a lot of men you step out of the shower after washing andor conditioning your hair and rub it vigorously with a towel to help dry it.

How To Maintain Long Hair First of all I always wash it using ice cold water which closes the outer cells your hairs cuticula consists of seriously Google it and prevents it from getting frizzy. Most men find it hard to maintain the hair after it has been chemically treated and the hair becomes drier and damaged as a result. Tips For Men Growing Out Long Hair Visit Your Barber.

Warm the oil in your palms and then apply it evenly through the hair targeting the long strands and any unruly strays. Lift your hair up midway between the nape of your neck and the top of your scalp. Follow the same steps with conditioner keeping in mind that most conditioners require two or three minutes to work their magic.

A natural fiber brush like the boar bristle helps to minimize friction when brushing. Maintaining your long hair is of course crucial but it can be just as important to also help stimulate the growth of the hair in order to speed up the whole process significantly. Youll forget about the touch-ups for the whole day.

These include hair straighteners which can be very harsh and cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Always use conditioner even on the days you dont wash your hair get your hair wet and condition it. Your diet impacts the health of your hair.

We know what youre thinking Im growing my hair so why would I go for a haircut. The Mens Wet Long Hairstyle One of the simplest ways to go about styling a long hairstyle is to use a lot of hair gel. Therefore the hair doesnt get caught on any knots leaving the hair smooth and silky without pulling out hair strands.

Tying your hair with something like a rubber band is a recipe for disaster your hair will break. Shake out the water before drying off with a towel and be sure to towel-dry by stroking your hair in the direction in which it naturally grows. Excessive or sloppy towel drying will result in frizziness and split ends.

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