How To Cut Long Bob Hair At Home

At this point you can cut your hair shorter if youd like. The idea is to get the hair smooth and dry so that no ridges form or hair shrinks up.

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Pull the holder out and admire your work so far.

How to cut long bob hair at home. This will create a soft feathery edge says Cohen. Cut Your Own Long Hair. Working in small sections hold the hair between your pointer and middle fingers then use point cutting to snip off the ends.

This is a fantastic trick I found for cutting long hair all by yourself. Only cut the back wet to just underneath the crown leaving the crown and sides to be cut dry. The Main Rules of Cutting Hair at Home First of all to be calm cut not more than an inch in 1 step and keep hair straight before cutting you may even flat iron it.

Do not cut the hair straight across as this will lead to jagged ends. You do not need a hairdresser anymore Hircare hairdresser HOW to CUT YOUR OWN HAIR at home HairHair. Section the hair into three ponytailsTwo side ponytails and one back ponytail.

The hair elastic is there to act as your guide as to how long the hair will be and where to cut. Cutting long hair into a pixie at home is probably a risky move but if youre starting with a shorter length theres no reason you shouldnt try a DIY cut. For Long Hair Divide your hair and clip it into sections.

Since cutting my bob Ive rediscovered my jewellery box too. Start by pulling your hair into a clean and neat ponytail at the back of your head it needs to sit as tight as you can get it at the bottom of. Start at the back working in small sections and point cut the ends that are.

Ive been cutting my own long hair for about a year now and I love it. Comb the hair in its natural fall using zero elevation zero over direction and minimal tension. To test your layers take a curling wand and curl a few sections in the back.

Continue doing this with other sections of hair taking off only the very ends or roughly 05 centimetres 020 in. Secondly to cut hair at home you will need a variety of tools. Bring one section forward at a time and determine how much you want to take offwe suggest a quarter of an inch to half an inch.

3 Using a comb slide your fingers down. Slide the elastic on the back ponytail down to the length you would like the hair to be. Continue to do this on the sides and back of your hair cutting the ends of the hair with the scissors pointed down and in.

If you want to cut your lob bob or shoulder-length hair this method involves bringing hair to the front and securing with small elastics before trimming off ends. This is how I cut my own hair at home. Clean up any choppy ends with.

The curls should sit on top of one another and create a smooth transition. A cutting comb the one with two sides with wide teeth and fine teeth. How to cut your own hair into a bob or lob Step 1.

Cut at an angle of about 70 degrees. Plus it saves quite a bit of money d. Cut the very ends of the hair at a slight angle.

2 Divide your hair into an imaginary parting down the centre of your head splitting your hair into two. Hold the section of hair so the ends are facing upward and use the cutting shears to trim the ends pointing the scissors down and in as you trim. From sweetshop beads and 80s door knockers to faux-crystal chandeliers a surprise benefit of shorter hair is that statement.

Sit on a balanced chair in front of the mirror. In THIS video we show you the coolest Long Bob hairstyles and teac. Separate the front from the back.

Begin cutting the neckline in a subtle C shape to preserve the corners and allow the bob to follow the neckline without losing the corner behind the ear. I came across it on a long hair forum while googling how to do it. Lobdiy diyhaircutIf youre courageous enough to cut your own hair then this is for you.

Comb out sections of the hair and trim the ends holding the scissors angled vertically away from the head to create the layers.

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