Do I Cut My Hair Short Or Leave It Long

Never been happier with my long hair. So Im 35 now and when I was 32 I though it was time for me to do what I wanted and conquer my own confidence and independence.

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Decide how long you want to trim your hair.

Do i cut my hair short or leave it long. If your already mentally growing it out before you even cut it do something else. Maybe I will cut it short again in the future but if I do that Ill do it because I want to and not because someone told me to. If you prefer a short cut ask your stylist to keep it about 3 in 76 cm long all the way around.

I hadnt cut my hair for about two years and I missed having short hair. When you cut your hair short the natural oils from your scalp can reach the tips. Short cuts will emphasize the width of your forehead so its best to wear your hair a little longer.

If this is your first short do then ease yourself in gently by staggering your haircuts. Clean up any choppy ends with. Answer 1 of 12.

Any stylist will tell you that women cut their hair when they are going through a break updivorce baby crisis whatever. The people who tell you to cut it are programmed by culture to hate long hair – look at the guy shouting for you to cut it with the capital letters. Cutting long hair to short is something every woman contemplates at least once in her lifetime.

Try a 90s-style undercut or a bob with long bangs to balance your heart-shaped face. How short should I cut my hair. Medium-short cuts work best on hair thats naturally very straight as the extra length and weight will help it sit better he explains.

If you want some help deciding how long to make your bob search online for reference photos. Which is why the lower part of your hair tends to look more dry and dull. Youll need a pair of clippers along.

The spontaneity of getting a drastic chop is exciting in theory but most people wont follow through out of fear of potentially compromising their femininity or leaving their comfort zone. Hair thats further away from the scalp has less shine as the natural oils dont reach it. Once youve decided to take the plunge and cut your long hair youre left with this burning question.

The answer is as short as you feel comfortable with. Keep it long long hair is greatWay too many people have short hair way too many. You can cut your hair at the nape of your neck for a short and stylish bob or trim just a bit off of your ends if you want to grow out your short hairstyle.

Short box bobs with a fringe are best. But before you make a beeline for the salon find out. Remember it doesnt have to be all or nothing.

If you want to cut your lob bob or shoulder-length hair this method involves bringing hair to the front and securing with small elastics before trimming off ends. Always go to the short hair not away from the long hair. I know youve been dying to know wondering what in the world made me do it.

Do not think about the answers too long. Short hair encompasses many a style including lobs bobs and pixie cuts. Do I Need to Cut My Hair Too.

So it looks glossy thick and healthy. This time I cut off 14 inches. And here I am.

If poker-straight hair is cut too short it will stick out everywhere. This depends on the length of your hair currently. Your hair doesnt shine the way it used to.

While there may indeed be reasons to go short society has become accustomed to expecting a more polished mature hairstyle on women from a certain age on. Check out my latest video Why I Cut My Hair Off Long to Short for all of the. If you like having long hair I sincerely hope that you never have to go through any DIY hair-cutting disasters because lets face it it sucks to have to cut your hair.

In fact I had long hair well into my teens until I had an unfortunate incident with do-it-yourself bangs that forced me to get an unplanned and slightly traumatic pixie cut. Answer 29 questions about yourself your life and your style and well tell you if you should really cut your hair or not. You DONT have to cut off if you dont want toto spend years growing back long hair after cutting it all off to gray fast was never for meI kept my dyed hair ends well conditioned and to my surprise they slowly became shiny and healthy again I kept mine long and just let it grow and trimmed the ends periodically.

People grow up seeing short hair so they feel uncomfortable if you dont conformIf YOU want long hair KEEP ITHere is how to make it more. From it be a new mom or a woman just turned the 5-0 women drastically cut off their locks thinking that it is what they are supposed to do at some. It was a pretty big impulse decision actually I went straight from class to get my hair.

You can do it little by little If the idea of watching ten years worth of hair growth become null and void in ten minutes makes your stomach churn keep in mind that you can cut your hair in degrees instead of going for a dramatic chop. With the temperature rising and stars heating up the red carpet with smokin hot cropped cuts its no wonder youre thinking of going short. Cutting long hair into a pixie at home is probably a risky move but if youre starting with a shorter length theres no reason you shouldnt try a DIY cut.

If you think you answered incorrectly you can always go back to any question and change your answer.

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