How To Start Freeform Dreads With Long Hair

In order to start freeform dreadlocks you must stop combing and brushing your hair but still keep it clean by washing regularly. Two strand twists dont pull or stretch the hair in any way which causes it to shrink even more.

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Keep the braids in for 10-15 days while continually washing your hair like normal at least every 3 days.

How to start freeform dreads with long hair. InstaYvng__KhiddFacebookKylan TeagueSubscribe to Gunther da GreatMy channel- Kylan Teague. Start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of oil and residue and then blow it completely dry. On average hair grows a little over a centimeter about half an inch each month.

Brush small inch sized circles in a clockwise motion until the hair starts to form into balls. Stay on top of loose hair. Or you can start by sectioning off your natural hair in a way that suits you for example.

Theyre high-maintenance at first so you should know what youre getting into. Parting them into twists or braids etc and then just letting them be. The roots are looking long clockwise rubbing will help.

The locking process is quite slow compared to the other methods. As the knots start to form continue forming them until you reach the end of the hair. To grow free form dreadlocks start by not brushing or combing your hair which will cause it to naturally separate and form knots over time.

If youre new to the world of dreadlocks or locs as theyre often calledthen you need to know what youre dealing with before deciding that theyre the hair leap you want to take next. Use an apple cider vinegar and water rinse to keep lint and buildup out of your dreads. This should only take about a minute or two.

It the end palm roll the dreads to give them a round shape and tame some of the frizz. Its time to switch over to the A-B Maintenance Routine this means you have wax in the hair every other week now so you can make knots in the off weeks and help them compress on the B week. So before the dread process can begin you will need to create a curly texture within your hair to give the dreads something to hold on to.

Once you start gaining a little bit of length you can start the dreadlocking process. You should dry the hair completely with a hairdryer before proceeding. Considering you want have to worry about retwisting or detangling this should be a no sweat commitment.

The neglect method for some they see that as a negative thing. Braid each section of your hair and tie off the ends to keep them in place. Plus long straight hair will compact to create that freeform look while natural black hair will dread no matter its length.

When you start your dreadlocks by parting each section into squares they will end up well-rounded. Apply wax to your hair. How to dread your hair yourself.

Make small circular motions with a soft bristled brush. Wash your hair once a week if possible so that the adjustment that your scalp goes through will be easier once your hair is long enough to start dreading. Next section your hair into square parts.

If youve decided on freeform locs youll need to know how to get the look. Wash your hair and rinse thoroughly the hair product. Initially they take just a short time to install and then youll let time work its magic.

Cleanse your hair and part strands into sections. Once a ball of hair forms move onto another section of the hair to continue making dreadlocks throughout the hair. Massage your scalp to stimulate circulation and keep it healthy.

They kind of go hand in hand in some cases. In order to grow freeform locs you simply allow your hair to grow in naturally and directly. At this point all you have to do is wash and go and allow the locs to naturally form over time.

Over time your hair will begin to bunch up into segments. It takes a long time for your hair to stop looking like twists and start looking locks. The most obvious option is to start from day 1 of your locing journey with healthy hair.

Get your hair prepped for freeform dreads. Avoid using conditioner since it reverses the knotting process. 6 Weeks – The bodies of the dreads are starting to smooth out and if.

Stick to twisting in the same direction for the best results. That said before embarking on your loc journey its important that you familiarize yourself with the five different stages. The neglect meaning that you dont comb you dont brush you dont do anything to your hair because youre going to allow it to dread up on its own.

These segments are the beginning stages of your new locs. Its essential with free form locs to do proper washing. People with curly hair already struggle with this.

Youll have to separate the small locs as they grow into your desirable size and sections. After washing twist the damp roots of your hair to tame them. People with straight hair who want to achieve freeform dreads without manipulating their locs should start with long hair since they dread faster and dont unravel as much.

The backcombing method is when you take a strand of hair and a comb and brush the hair backward towards the scalp starting as close to the root as possible. Backcombing is one of the easiest ways to get straight-textured hair to form dreadlocks. Section the hair and start twisting clusters of.

During the first few months wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week because clean hair dreads faster. You should not use conditioners as they can soften the curly or kinky curly hair making more difficult to style dreadlock. Well getting dreads with the neglect method and getting free form dreads.

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