How To Put On A Durag With Long Hair

You can put your hair up in a high ponytail also called a pineapple to preserve your curls. Seems like you using durag way too much ur not letting hair to relax and breath lol i only ever wear durag when i go to sleep king cash method.

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Hold the durag in your hands and tie the tails together using a double knot.

How to put on a durag with long hair. Ensure that your hairline is completely covered or your durag wont stay on your head for too long. If your hair is long enough to get curls your hair will be long enough for waves. To ensure that your headband stays put spray it with hairspray before putting it on.

This will ensure that the seam does not leave an impression in your hair overnight. For example stage 0 is when your hair is at around a 0 guard length stage one is when your hair is at about a 1 guard length and so on. A durag ensures that your hair lie down as it compresses your hair and it allows you to get on the waves with a durag.

The type of hair is not as much of an issue but the more prone your hair is to curling the easier it is to create waves. Afterward wrap your head from the back and cross the ties in front of your head to form an x. Click Here To Buy Your Durags and your Wave Products.

You got to go deep with the shampoo its not like short hair where you can just slap it on and scrub it around a little. ADD MY INSTAGRAM leah_litty. A satin or silk scarf can be quickly wrapped around your hair within seconds.

This is my first video since I combed out my locs. I currently have single braids similar to Pusha T ASAP Rocky Travis Scott Kendrick Lamar etc. Pull the tail loop back behind your head.

Make sure your hair is healthy so it will grow nice and long. Place the durag so that the seam lines up with the center of your face. AAP Ferg reveals his technique for tying a durag and getting the waviest wavesStill havent subscribed to GQ on YouTube.

A couple days without a wash and your head looks like the bottom of a greasy popcorn bag. You can then roll up the fold with the headband and youre ready to lie down for the night. Turn the durag inside out so that the seam is on the outside.

Use the ends of the rag to tie closed. The side that the triangle point of material is folded in on. Take the strand put a small amount of mousse or gel on the strand.

The first stage of wolfing is when your hair is at about a 1 length with the grain. Lay the folded bandana down with the inside facing upwards ie. Turn it over to create a twisting motion.

Trust me people notice. Part the hair leaving a 2 x 2 on the scalp. Your pillow is also pulling moisture and oils from your hair while you toss and turn making it brittle.

You can keep the moisture in and your follicles safe with a durag. Now put the durag onto your head you can place it seam down or seam up. But when im wofling and my hair looks puffy i wear a durag when i go out but if im in the house i take it off i only wear a durag in.

You can secure the flap inside the headband taking care not to move it from its position. This length varies based on your hair. Take the ties of your durag in separate hands and lead them over the space above your ears.

Like when wearing a durag on a day to day basis pull on the fold to secure your hair down against your skull. Take the end of the strand and wrap up towards the scalp. Or when i havent brushed my hair and i need to go out i put a durag on with a hat or cap ontop but rarely happens.

Dry hair is weak hair. An easy way to determine hair length is by looking at which guard you use. So if you put on your durag make sure that its not too loose it doesnt compact enough of your hair and it wont get the 360 waves you used to.

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